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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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New this year!!! Drummer Boy (4.9MB, 2006)

From the archives:
Bells of Christmas (3.8MB, 2004)
Silent Night (2.5MB, 2003)
Do You Hear What I Hear (2.0MB, 2002) *
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (3.2MB, 2002) *
What Child Is This (1.9MB, 2001)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (1.7MB, 2001)

* Violin parts played by Erik Czernikowski
All recordings are copyrighted by Slaggbottom Studios 2001-2006

Blizzard of '06
NEW! Fort Collins got hit by 2 feet of snow on Wednesday, Dec 20th, a few days before Christmas. The forecast grew from 8-10 inches, to 12-16 inches, to 12-24 inches throughout the day. Work would be closed Thursday, so 4 of us in the neighborhood snowshoed to a friends place and played games and worked on his left over keg of O'Dell's 90 Schilling (awesome local bew). I've never seen such a snow induced paralysis. Colorado is aweful at snow removal. They never sand or salt anything, and only blow the main rows. My cul-de-sac was finally plowed (an extreme rarity) 1am Sunday morning. Prior to that, my local neighborhood streets had a 8 inch snow pack with huge bumps and trenches from the 4x4 cars that could navigate them. I tried to get out Thursday night, but my car got stuck and it took 3 neighbors to push me back into my garage. I heard the sound of cars spinning tires trying to get unstuck for 3 days. Fortunately Wendy has a Honda CRV, and helped me get around places.

On the plus side, I did get to do some snowshoeing on the trail in my backyard Saturday, and the weather was sunny and pleasant Thurs-Sunday.

Oh yeah, my Fri morning flight to go home for Xmas got cancelled, and my Fri afternoon make-up flight got cancelled too. It looked like I wouldn't get home til the day after Christmas (Tues), but I'm on a flight to Kansas City as I write this, and hope to catch an earlier flight to Chicago, to catch an earlier flight to Syracuse, so that I arrive at 9pm Christmas Eve (ahead of my 11:50pm scheduled itinerary). I'm just glad I didn't get stuck at the Denver Airport during the blizzard...

Here are pics from Thursday.

I have a Mountains Climbed web page with reports and pics from all the peaks and hikes I've been on over the past few years. Be sure to check out the trip reports from Capital Peak and Snomass Mountain 14ers I did this year.

Capitol Peak is pictured above.

Featured Slaggbottom Studios MP3: Cowboy (4.9MB, 2005)

Craig Lyons
My brother is moving to LA in January, to help promote emerging, multi-talented, musical artist Craig Lyons, and put his newly aquired skills in the music business to work out west. Craig is a friend of mine from Shrewsbury, MA days as well, . Click here to check out his tunes and spread the word. After a listen you'll understand why you'll be hearing him on your local radio soon (if not already). :-)

Craig Lyons

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